Travis Kelce Goes On US$63k UK Luxury Super Clone Rolex Watches Shopping Spree While Visting Taylor Swift In UK

A Rolex Daytona and a Sea-Dweller? Most would be lucky to score one at retail. Travis Kelce, however, managed to get both while visiting London to watch yet another performance from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. It’s no secret perfect UK super clone Rolex professional watches are unbotanium in regard to purchasing at retail. For some, the only means to immediately access them would be on the secondary market, and at a hefty premium. We can all be frustrated Kelce was able to grab two right away, but our frustration is ultimately envy if anything. I certainly would have no qualms about leveraging the privilege that stems from fame to secure my most desired AAA Swiss Rolex replica watches at retail.

Reported in an exclusive from The Sun U.S., Steve Brenner shares that the NFL superstar went on a massive shopping spree – purchasing designer clothing, hats, and accessories totalling a sizeable sum of US$88,100. Just last month, the news outlet reported a US$80,000 Kelce retail therapy session in Paris. He clearly has a taste for the finer things, and his NFL success certainly affords him the ability for such indulgences. But relevant to us watch lovers, The Sun U.S. claims US$63,000 of the London shopping spree was spent on two high quality Rolex super clone watches: A two-tone Sea-Dweller and a white gold Daytona.

Without photos snapped of him wearing the cheap 1:1 fake Rolex watches, it cannot be confirmed which exact models he bought, and The Sun U.S. who are by no means watch experts cannot be fully trusted with these estimations. But based on the reported “eye-watering” 18k white gold top Rolex Daytona super clone watches at a reported cost of US$44,300, it would seem the model he purchased was the ref. 126509 with a bright black dial. The other reported watch was a “legendary dive watch” for US$19,000, that, according to The Sun U.S., is the Sea-Dweller ref. 126603 in the yellow gold Rolesor configuration with a black dial. More accurately though, the retail price is US$18,600, bringing the total to US$62,900.

It’s worth remembering to take tabloids like The Sun with a grain of salt, without watch-spot photographs and its mislabels of pricing and watch imagery. In the article, Brenner wrote: “Looking to start a significant watch collection, Travis rolled into Rolex copy watches wholesale – and casually dropped $63,000 on two timepieces.” Ummm… Excuse me? It is well documented Kelce has more than a few timepieces in his collection already. His brother Jason is a known watch-lover as well. But, it is certainly a believable story that Travis bought two Swiss made Rolex super clone watches in one go. And, it is worth noting that precious metal models from Rolex are typically far easier to find at retail than stainless steel ones. Ultimately, it is reports such as this that make the watch collecting world hope the reported expansion of Rolex manufacturing will enable mere mortals, rather than just celebs like Kelce, to purchase their desired best replica Rolex watches – the ideal sole barrier of ownership being its retail price and a minimal wait time.

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