UK Swiss Made Super Clone Rolex Submariner ref. 16610LV “The Kermit”

In the super clone Rolex universe, the “choice” between the Kermit or the Hulk is not really a choice for me, to be honest. I will choose the Kermit every time, without the slightest hesitation. It’s an easy decision because the only Rolex Submariner replica for sale with a green bezel I like is the original “Kermit” ref. 11610LV that was introduced in 2003 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Submariner.

All the luxury super clone watches uk featuring green bezels that came after that suffer from what, in my opinion, is a horrendously colored green Cerachrom bezel. That specific shade of green just looks awful, in my opinion. The Kermit Rolex Submariner super clone online from 2003, however, features an aluminum bezel that has a warmer, nicer color that creates a stunning watch in combination with the black dial. Last year, Robert-Jan compared the Kermit, Hulk, and Starbucks fake Rolex Submariners, where you can clearly see the difference in presence.

But the Kermit is not just the first AAA super clone Rolex Submariner with a green bezel. It’s also the first Rolex that featured the Maxi dial. Furthermore, it’s the first and only 1:1 replica Rolex to feature the combination of an aluminum bezel and a Maxi dial. This combination of the “old” aluminum bezel and the modern Maxi dial created something very nice.

Swiss made super clone Rolex enthusiasts were not immediately jumping on them when the watch was first released. But it did not take too long before people realized that this was a pretty special high quality fake Rolex Submariner with a unique color combination. These days, the Kermit is an iconic watch that many collectors will pay a lot of money for. But we’ll get to that.

A true collector’s item
Inside the 40mm case, cheap fake Rolex UK equipped the watch with caliber 3135 that I talked about earlier when I discussed the Deepsea. It is more interesting to quickly point out different versions of the Kermit, as top copy Rolex collectors like to distinguish the different bezel variations Rolex produced in its 7-year production run from 2003 to 2010. Early best Swiss super clone watches featured a so-called “Flat 4” bezel. “Flat 4” means that the 4 of the 40 on the green bezel has a flat top.

As you would guess, prices for the “Flat 4” replica watches Paypal UK are significantly higher than those that came after. It’s why you will see a wide price range for the Kermit. It starts at roughly €15K but quickly moves up to €35K-€40K for the rarer variations that you can buy new as a full set, unworn with box and papers. As I said, I love the Swiss movement fake Rolex Kermit as it’s a special model that brought something new and different to the world of the Submariner. Having said that, seeing the current asking prices makes this another copy watch that will be deleted from my wishlist indefinitely.

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