A Luxury UK Red Super Clone Rolex Submariner With A Yacht-Master Bezel – Danny Milton

Since my first go at this game of fantasy watch design was the all-gold-everything 36mm Explorer – a watch I think cheap fake Rolex UK could produce – I figured I would follow up with a purely selfish, dare I say outlandish, pick that I’ll wager AAA super clone Rolex will never produce. Behold, my fantasy modern Red Submariner.

The inspiration comes from my favorite vintage Rolex super clone for sale and my favorite film, those being the Red Submariner ref. 1680 and 1976’s All the President’s Men where this watch is famously worn by Robert Redford as Bob Woodward (and it was Redford’s personal watch).

The perfect fake Rolex Red Submariner had a short-lived run and gave way to the all-white text Submariner Date models we have come to know. But there was never a no-date Red Sub … until now. And I gave it a twist. I’ve gone on the record with my appreciation for the matte ceramic 1:1 super clone Rolex Yacht-Master bezel and think it brings a much-needed toolish styling to one of the most iconic tool watches of yore. I’ll let James Stacey’s stellar design work speak for itself as you feast your eyes on a diver that’ll never be made. But I can dream.

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