Laurent Martinez’s Two UK Luxury Rolex Super Clone Watches Online

Fake Rolex Oyster Datejust ref. 6604

In the early-to-mid 1990s, Martinez took a job with a financial company in Buenos Aires. A friend living in the states called him up to say he’d heard a bank somewhere in the Midwest was holding an auction of the contents of some of its safety deposit boxes, and there was a Swiss made super clone Rolex in one he might like.

“This watch had been in the safe for 40 years and was in mint condition,” Martinez says. At an estimate of $5,000, it was attainable. And he loved the alternating calendar date – the odd numbers are black, the even red. “It’s my first baby. The first real luxury replica watch I ever bought. I will always love it.”

Replica Rolex Submariner ref. 16808

“If I would have to sell everything and just keep one perfect super clone Rolex UK, this would be the one. It’s a compilation of emotion, dream, love, everything,” Martinez says. As with the Breguet, he saw a previous generation of this watch – the now unobtainable 1680 – as a kid and never forgot it.

“I looked for an AAA super clone Rolex Submariner 16808 for years – and when I say years, I mean years.” Then, he finally found one, and it had a highly covetable blue nipple dial – “I’m a crazy blue guy.” He bought it as a “congratulation to myself because I did a good year,” adding, “I get offers all the time for it, but I say, ‘No, forget. Thank you, but no thank you. This is not for sale.'”

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