The Best 1:1 UK Rolex GMT-Master II 16710 Super Clone Watches For Sale

Another incredibly popular Rolex five-digit reference is the mighty GMT-Master II 16710. This watch first came to market in 1989 and was made all the way until 2007! Swiss super clone Rolex offered this watch with both the Jubilee and Oyster bracelet and gave buyers the option of three different bezel inserts. An all-black version was available alongside the “Pepsi” (blue and red) and “Coke” (black and red). These luxury super clone watches uk came with the automatic caliber 3185, which allowed the user to “jump” the hour hand for easy changes upon landing in a new timezone. Interestingly, moving the hour hand is also the fastest way to change the date. The bi-directional outer bezel was still a useful tool in concert with the corresponding arrow hand, but the hour and arrow hands were no longer “in concert” as on the old Rolex GMT-Master super clone watches online uk.

The cheap super clone Rolex 16710s used caliber 3185 for most of the production period, with the 3186 coming in at the very end (the differences were incredibly small and primarily related to making the date-change function more robust). Other changes occurred during the 18-year period such as moves from tritium to LumiNova to Super-LumiNova. Also, the end links changed from stamped to solid around 2000 and the cases lost their drilled lug holes around 2003.

The high quality replica Rolex GMT-Master 16710 is a watch that is still commonly seen today on the wrists of normal, everyday wearers. It’s incredibly robust, capable, and a bit more colorful than a Sub depending on the bezel. As such, it is a darling on the secondary market and prices begin at €11K for a well-worn example.

Millenary Watches provides a nice overview of the AAA super clone Rolex 16710 and describes many of the little variants that occurred during the lengthy production era of this watch.

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