UK Swiss Made Rolex Datejust 116234 Super Clone Watches Online

The luxury fake Rolex Datejust has been around since 1945, and aside from those first references with leaf-shaped hands and no Cyclops (that came “only” in 1954), the watch hasn’t changed that much over time. Though it has been available in various sizes over the years, 36mm remains the classic size and is still available today. The reference 116234 was introduced in 2005 and produced for the following 15 years. You will see that the design of the lugs changed compared to its predecessor (16234), making them a bit bulkier. Swiss made super clone Rolex UK also updated the clasp. Inside was Rolex’s default three-hander with date, caliber 3135. You could also find this movement in most other concurrent three-hand super clone watches from the Geneva brand, including the Submariner Date, Sea-Dweller, and Yacht-Master.

Rolex 3135 vs. ETA 2892-A2
It’s here where I would say that the perfect super clone Rolex has the edge over the Cartier Santos Galbée XL. Even though Cartier’s caliber 049 (based on the ETA 2892-A2) is certainly a good movement, there are some differences. The Rolex caliber 3135 has a full balance bridge fixed on both sides and a longer power reserve. Instead of having a regulation screw on the bridge (like the ETA 2892-A2), AAA quality replica Rolex uses Microstella screws on the balance wheel. In theory, these differences in movement construction and design should result in better performance. I reckon it is barely noticeable, if at all, but I prefer the more-refined design of the caliber 3135.

White gold and steel
The best 1:1 super clone Rolex Datejust 116234 has a steel bracelet and case, except for the fluted bezel, which is made of 18K white gold. It gives the watch a very nice shine, and the white gold also ensures some contrast with the polished Oyster case. The Jubilee bracelet also has a classic combination of polished center links and brushed outer links.

Swiss movement fake Rolex’s Jubilee bracelet is among the most comfortable bracelets I’ve ever owned, and one can debate whether a President isn’t even more comfortable. Still, those are only available in precious metals. This six-digit Rolex Datejust replica for sale was also the first to have a steel Jubilee with a concealed clasp.

So many Datejust 116234 dial variations
The Swiss movement fake Rolex reference 116234 translates into a combination of steel and white gold, but the dial variations are almost endless. Above, you see a dial with diamond hour markers, not only aimed at women but also at men who appreciate them. Without being able to configure the watch yourself, as you can with some brands, you are still able to purchase something that’s right up your alley.

There is a variety of dial colors (and finishing) used in the 116234, as well as the choice of Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, and stick hour markers. One might think the high quality super clone Rolex Datejust is a bit of a boring watch, but you can buy the right version for yourself. Would you like something sporty? A blue or black dial might be best. But if you’d like to have one that’s a bit more toned down, try one with a silver or white dial.

Listen, I don’t dislike the Santos Galbée XL at all. I would love to get one at some point, preferably in gold and steel. But when compared to the cheap replica Rolex Datejust 116234, I’d go with the latter without a doubt. That’s not because it says “Rolex” on the dial or due to the current demand for anything Rolex super clone for sale UK, but just because, to me, it’s the mother of all modern wristwatches. It’s a classic, and everyone should try it at least once.

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