Aaron Judge Knows A New Contract Means New Mega Rolex Super Clone Watches UK For Sale

Well, it looks like we know where some of the money from that new nine-year, $360 million contract went. Aaron Judge didn’t wait to get new cheap Rolex super clone watches—and he wore it to the press conference to formalize his new deal. Safe to say the slugger’s new piece is  a home r—just kidding. Let’s not joke around when discussing this version of the high quality replica Rolex Daytona watches, nicknamed the “Eye of the Tiger.” 

Judge’s “Eye of the Tiger” was first released in 2019, during the height of Daytona-mania. Just a year and a half after the record-breaking sale of Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona super clone watches wholesale, Rolex really turned the bling up on the red-hot model. The brand quietly released one version of the piece with a mother-of-pearl dial and orange sapphires, and another with a leopard-spotted dial. Then there’s Judge’s iteration—36 diamonds around the bezel…and 243 (!) more on the dial creating that tiger-stripe pattern. Despite all that bling, Rolex still went ahead and put the Swiss movements Rolex fake watches on its rubber Oysterflex bracelet, a reminder that it’s still a sport watch, just a little dressed up. I wonder if this counts as a joke in Geneva? 

Ángel Di María’s Rolex Daytona Super Clone Watches

Speaking of World Cup watches! Argentinian hero Di María wore what we see most champions wear: best Rolex super clone watches. He came home to celebrate Argentina’s victory wearing one of the Crown’s most coveted watches, the black-and-whtie “Panda”-dial perfect UK Rolex Daytona copy watches. (Here’s a better look at it, next to the trophy.) This is the tried-and-true grail to Judge’s diamond-set showstopper. 

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