UK Best Quality Super Clone Rolex Yacht-Master II Watches Ultimate Buying Guide

In the exclusive world of luxury timepieces, the perfect Rolex Yacht-Master II replica watches stands as an example of opulence and precision engineering. Since its unveiling in 2007, it has not simply followed the footsteps of its prized predecessor but has charted a new course in luxury timepieces. This masterpiece blends the functional demands of regatta timing with the uncompromising quality synonymous with the Rolex name. Its signature feature, a programmable countdown with on-the-fly synchronization, showcases Rolex’s commitment to innovation, tailored specifically for the strategic demands of yacht racing.

As we look into its history, features, and most sought-after models, this guide is designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Whether you’re looking to invest in a luxury timepiece or expand an existing collection, the top UK Rolex Yacht-Master II fake watches represents a pinnacle of horological craftsmanship, a tangible asset that surpasses time and trends. Read on to learn all there is to know about the Rolex Yacht-Master II.

A Brief History of the Rolex Yacht-Master II

The Rolex Yacht-Master II, introduced in 2007, marked a significant evolution in Rolex’s line of luxury watches, diverging from the brand’s typically conservative design ethos. It was a striking departure from its predecessor, the Yacht-Master, representing a bold new direction in both aesthetics and functionality.

The original models of the luxury replica Rolex Yacht-Master II watches were the 18k yellow gold ref 116688 and the even more luxurious 18k white gold version with a platinum bezel, ref 116689. These models showcased a large, eye-catching design that was an immediate topic of debate among watch enthusiasts. While some admired its noticeable presence, others viewed it as a deviation from Rolex’s traditional design roots.

Responding to the changing economic landscape following the 2008 financial crash, Rolex expanded the Yacht-Master II collection in 2011 with the introduction of the ref. 116681, a more affordable Everose Rolesor model. This model featured a stainless steel case and outer bracelet links combined with an Everose gold winding crown, pushers, and central bracelet links. The collection further broadened its appeal in 2013 with the introduction of the all-steel version, ref. 116680, which also debuted a new caliber, the Cal. 4161, replacing the former Cal. 4160.

The only notable design update since its launch occurred in 2017, on the AAA Rolex copy watches‘ tenth anniversary. This update included changes to the hour markers and hands, namely the blue hour marker surrounds replaced with white gold, the 12 o’clock marker changed to an inverted triangle, and a taller marker at 6 o’clock. These changes aligned the Yacht-Master II more closely with the rest of Rolex’s Professional Collection, yet the changes were subtle enough that Rolex did not assign a new reference number.

Throughout its history, the Rolex Yacht-Master II has been distinguished by its unique regatta timer function, a testament to Rolex’s commitment to innovative and functional design. This feature, along with its distinctive aesthetic, has made the Yacht-Master II a popular, though somewhat polarizing, model among collectors and luxury watch enthusiasts.

Key Features of the Rolex Yacht-Master II

The Swiss made Rolex Yacht-Master II replica watches stands out from the Rolex catalog with its massive round case and striking dial design. Here are the distinguishing features of the Rolex Yacht-Master II.

The Oyster Case at 44mm

The Yacht-Master II’s Oyster case measures a notable 44mm in diameter, contributing to the watch’s bold aesthetic and enhancing the dial’s legibility. This large size is practical for a sports watch, ensuring that crucial timekeeping information is always easily readable.

Ring Command System

One of the Yacht-Master II’s innovative features is the Ring Command System. This system integrates the bezel, crown, and internal mechanism, providing a seamless way to set and synchronize the Swiss movements fake Rolex watches‘ various functions, including its unique regatta timer.

The Rolex Yacht-Master II allows the wearer to choose a countdown interval, ranging from one to ten minutes, using its programmable flyback regatta timer, displayed on the middle of the dial. Additionally, the watch can be synchronized “on the fly” with audible cues that are commonly given at the start of regatta races.

Cerachrom Insert Bezel (for steel, Rolesor, and yellow gold models)

For the steel, steel and Everose, and yellow gold models, the bezel features a blue Cerachrom insert, made from an exceptionally hard and virtually scratchproof ceramic. This material is impervious to UV rays and corrosion, ensuring the bezel’s color and finish remain pristine over time.

Platinum Bezel in sandblasted finish (for white gold model)

Meanwhile, the 18k white gold model boasts of a platinum Ring Command Bezel, with a sandblasted background and polished graduations.

Chromalight Display

The Chromalight display on the cheap replica Rolex Yacht-Master II watches offers superior legibility in all lighting conditions, especially in the dark. This innovative feature ensures that the watch face is easily readable, which is vital during demanding activities like sailing.

Perpetual Caliber 4160 / 4161

At the core of the Yacht-Master II is the Perpetual Caliber 4160, and for later models the 4161, a self-winding mechanical movement developed entirely by Rolex. Known for its precision and reliability, these movements showcase of Rolex’s expertise in watchmaking, featuring a programmable countdown with a mechanical memory, crucial for timing in regattas.

Models from 2007 to 2013 use the Caliber 4160. In 2013, with the introduction of the stainless steel model, the Caliber 4161 was given additional refinements such as a crisper feel to the pushers and greater reliability. Both movements possess the blue Parachrom hairspring that protects the movement from shocks and offer 72 hours of power reserve.

Models of the Rolex Yacht-Master II

There are four models available for the 1:1 Rolex Yacht-Master II super clone watches, three of which remain in production as of 2024. The white gold ref. 116689 was discontinued in 2022 but remains available in the pre-owned market.

Reference number Materials
116689 (disc.) 18k white gold, platinum bezel
116688 18k yellow gold, Cerachrom bezel
116681 Oystersteel & everose gold, Cerachrom bezel
116680 Oystersteel, Cerachrom bezel

Rolex Yacht-Master II Stainless Steel Blue Bezel 116680

The Rolex Yacht-Master II Stainless Steel Blue Bezel 116680, introduced at Baselworld 2013, is a standout in the Yacht-Master II collection. This model features a large 44mm stainless steel case, showcasing Rolex’s expertise in crafting durable and stylish sports Rolex replica watches for sale.

Its most striking feature is the blue Cerachrom bezel, a testament to Rolex’s innovation in materials, known for its scratch resistance and color permanence. The watch is equipped with the Rolex 4161 self-winding programmable flyback regatta timer movement, emphasizing its utility for sailing and regattas.

Its aesthetic is bold and extroverted, with a white dial, contrasting deep blue hands, and a red countdown hand, all contributing to its nautical theme. This model manages to balance Rolex’s high standards of functionality with a distinctive, eye-catching design​​.

Rolex Yacht-Master II Stainless Steel and Everose Gold 116681

The Rolex Yacht-Master II Stainless Steel and Everose Gold 116681, introduced in 2011, is a striking addition to the Yacht-Master II collection. It features a unique blend of robust 904L stainless steel and luxurious 18k Everose gold, embodying both resilience and elegance.

This model stands out with its vibrant blue Cerachrom bezel and a white dial – both enhanced with Everose gold elements. The 2024 fake Rolex watches is equipped with the advanced Rolex Cal. 4161 movement, offering specialized functionalities like a programmable countdown timer with mechanical memory and on-the-fly synchronization, tailored for yacht racing.

The combination of two-tone metals, along with its functional complexity and sizeable 44mm case, makes the Yacht-Master II 116681 a notable and luxurious sports watch. This model has garnered attention for its blend of technical prowess and bold aesthetic appeal.

The Rolex Yacht-Master II Yellow Gold 116688, launched in 2007, is a landmark in Rolex’s esteemed collection. As the pioneering model of the Yacht-Master II series, this timepiece redefined the luxury sports watch segment.

It boasts a substantial 44mm case crafted from luxurious yellow gold, exuding both elegance and strength. The Swiss top Rolex replica watches is notable for its blue Cerachrom bezel, a material celebrated for its exceptional scratch resistance and enduring color.

Inside, it initially housed the Rolex 4160 movement, renowned for its precise regatta timer function, pivotal for yacht racing enthusiasts. In 2013, Rolex introduced an upgrade to the 4161 movement, further enhancing the watch’s performance.

The Yacht-Master II 116688 blends luxurious gold craftsmanship with functional, sports-oriented features, establishing it as a prized and distinct offering in Rolex’s portfolio. This model’s combination of opulence and utility captures the essence of Rolex’s innovation in luxury sports watch design.

Rolex Yacht-Master II White Gold Platinum Bezel 116689

The Rolex Yacht-Master II reference 116689, introduced in 2007, is a distinctive model in Rolex’s lineup, combining 18k white gold with a platinum bezel. This fake Rolex watches for men stands out for its substantial 44mm case size, making it one of Rolex’s largest offerings.

Notably, the 116689 was part of the initial Yacht-Master II launch, which marked Rolex’s venture into more complex watch designs. This model features a regatta countdown timer, which was a significant technical achievement for Rolex.

The innovative Ring Command Bezel, directly linked to the watch’s internal movement, enables easy setting of the countdown timer. Inside, the high quality Rolex replica watches initially used the Caliber 4160, which was updated to the Caliber 4161 in 2013.

The ref 116689’s unique combination of luxury materials, substantial size, and advanced functionality make it a noteworthy and potentially future classic Rolex model​​.

Final Thoughts

The Rolex Yacht-Master II series, with its unique blend of luxury, precision, and specialized functionality, offers a remarkable range of choices for collectors and enthusiasts. Whether it’s the bold statement of the Yellow Gold 116688, the innovative design of the Stainless Steel and Everose Gold 116681, or the understated elegance of the White Gold Platinum Bezel 116689, each model holds a special place in Rolex’s illustrious lineup. These best replica Rolex watches are not only timekeeping instruments but also symbols of a luxurious lifestyle and a passion for the maritime world.

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